Arlington Reads

Our Library's Impact on Literacy for Children

From Reading Corps, to Lee y Serás, Arlington Reads and the Arlington Public Library have been working hard to help school readiness and literacy skills.

Literacy for all ages

We are very happy to offer people in Arlington a place to learn to read, as well as offering lifelong programs, from ESL and GED classes, to connecting parents to their children through reading and teaching computer literacy. Arlington Reads relies on its volunteers to provide services to the community.

What Students say about Arlington Reads

  • "My tutor is great because she helps me with any questions that I have. Her class was dynamic and interesting."
  • "I thought I should need a teacher to help me to read, to hear, and to say... Now my dream has come ... I would like to thank Arlington Reads."

What Volunteers say about Arlington Reads

  • "I love teaching adult learners. Wow, you have to admire their dedication. Folks who struggle being gutsy enough to say that they need help and come get it. Wow! I applaud them and I applaud the folks at Arlington Reads."
  • "I was given an opportunity to make positive contributions to ESL students' improvements of their spoken and written English skills.This will help them and help our community as well."
  • "I have studied MA in TESOL for two years, and in working one semester for Arlington Reads, I got to apply most of what I learned and also build upon it. The text book was very useful. The people are very helpful. I felt that everyone was trying to help me adapt and succeed. I was loved and respected that in short time I was comfortable enough to consider myself a part of their family."

Our Goals

Literacy Programs

Increase the quantity and improve the quality of literacy programs serving Arlington adults, youth and families.


Build mutually beneficial relationships among literacy partners in Arlington.

Public Awareness

Raise public awareness of literacy issues in Arlington and connect with our regional and state partners to enhance our resources.
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