Website, Blogs, and Social Media Guidelines


We welcome family-friendly comments and posts on our website social media sites & our library blogs. We reserve the right to immediately remove content that contains personal attacks, profanity and information unrelated to the topic.

Comments posted to our website, blogs, and social media accounts will be monitored. We reserve the right to remove inappropriate comments including those that have obscene language or sexual content, threaten or defame any person or organization, violate the legal ownership interest of another party, support or oppose political candidates or ballot propositions, promote illegal activity, promote commercial services or products or are not topically related to the particular posting.

The objective of our website and our social media efforts is to promote the whole range of Arlington Public Library offerings, including services, activities, resources, and materials and to do so in a topical and relevant manner.

Blog entries and social media posts can include but are not limited to such topics as thematic booklists, information about upcoming programs and events, as well as announcements about services we provide. Some posts will be aimed at specific segments or groups within our community, while others will have a broader appeal to the entire community. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns about existing posts or suggestions for future posts.

Our blogging and social media activities are governed by the City of Arlington's Social Media Policy.