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November 3, 2015 Election

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• South Service Center, 1100 SW Green Oaks Blvd., Arlington

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Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 1:

The constitutional amendment increasing the amount of the residence homestead exemption from ad valorem taxation for public school purposes from $15,000 to $25,000, providing for a reduction of the limitation on the total amount of ad valorem taxes that may be imposed for those purposes on the homestead of an elderly or disabled person to reflect the increased exemption amount, authorizing the legislature to prohibit a political subdivision that has adopted an optional residence homestead exemption from ad valorem taxation from reducing the amount of or repealing the exemption, and prohibiting the enactment of a law that imposes a transfer tax on a transaction that conveys fee simple title to real property.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 2:

The constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to provide for an exemption from ad valorem taxation of all or part of the market value of the residence homestead of the surviving spouse of a 100 percent or totally disabled veteran who died before the law authorizing a residence homestead exemption for such a veteran took effect.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 3:

The constitutional amendment repealing the requirement that state officers elected by voters statewide reside in the state capital.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 4:

The constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to permit professional sports team charitable foundations to conduct charitable raffles.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 5:

The constitutional amendment to authorize counties with a population of 7,500 or less to perform private road construction and maintenance.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 6:

The constitutional amendment recognizing the right of the people to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife subject to laws that promote wildlife conservation.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 7:

The constitutional amendment dedicating certain sales and use tax revenue and motor vehicle sales, use, and rental tax revenue to the state highway fund to provide funding for nontolled roads and the reduction of certain transportation-related debt.

Early Voting Schedule

October 19-23           Monday – Friday8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
October  24               Saturday11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
October  25               Sunday7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
October 26-28           Monday – Wednesday8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
October  29-30          Thursday – Friday7 a.m. – 7 p.m.


Bob Duncan Center

2800 S Center Street
Arlington, Texas 76014

Elzie Odom Athletic Center

1601 NE Green Oaks Boulevard
Arlington, Texas 76006

Junior League of Arlington
Center for Community Service

4002 W Pioneer Parkway
Arlington, Texas 76013

South Service Center

1100 SW Green Oaks Boulevard
Arlington, Texas 76017

Tarrant County Sub‐Courthouse

700 E Abram Street
Arlington, Texas 76010

Tarrant County College Southeast Campus

EMB‐C Portable Building
2100 Southeast Parkway
Arlington, 76018

Effective immediately, voters are now required to present an approved form of photo identification in order to vote in all Texas Elections.

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Elections in the U.S.
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Harper's (Central, East)
Mother Jones (Central)
New Republic (Central, Northeast)
Texas Monthly (Central, Lake Arlington, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest)

Community Resources

League of Women Voters-Arlington Chapter

Promotes political responsibility through informed and active citizen participation in government by providing local voting guides.

Tarrant County Elections Center

2700 Premier Street
Fort Worth, TX 76111

Local Resources

City of Arlington


Arlington Municipal Building

101 W. Abram Street
Arlington, Texas 76010

P.O. Box 90231
Arlington, TX 76004-3231

Arlington City Tower/Municipal Court

101 S. Mesquite St.
Arlington, Texas 76010

Tarrant County

100 E. Weatherford
Fort Worth, Texas 76196


Project Vote Smart

Citizen's organization covers candidates and elected officials in five categories: biographical information, issue positions, voting records, campaign finances and interest group ratings.

Tarrant County Voter Lookup

Check your registration status and find your precinct

Texas Secretary of State (en español)

Information about voting in Texas

Who Represents Me?

Find your districts and representatives by address, zip code, city, or county.


Search for federal government information
U.S. Government Printing Office
Government Information Online: Ask a Librarian

Email or chat with government information librarians who are experts at finding information from government agencies of all levels.

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Code of Federal Regulations (search regulations issued by executive branch agencies)
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Governor's Office
Driver's Records Request
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Texas Administrative Code
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Who Represents Me?


Arlington Municipal Court

The official Code of the City of Arlington is retained in the City Secretary's Office. It is the most up-to-date version, and may be viewed during regular business hours. There are also copies at  Woodland West Branch Library and at Lake Arlington Branch Library. You may access a version of the City of Arlington Code of Ordinances online.

City of Arlington

Streaming Video of City Council Meetings and City Council Minutes are available online. See the City Council's webpage to find out who represents you.

Citizen Board

Find out about getting involved in local government.

Tarrant County
Tarrant County Courts