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SRC Final Celebration - Sunday Fun Day

Calling All Superheroes

Summer is almost over, but it's not over yet! 

Superheroes assemble - Sunday, August 9th, 2-4pm at Globe Life Park for Summer Reading Club Final Celebration.

We will have Zumba, face painting, snacks, arts & crafts, rock wall climbing, kids play area, and some good ol' wholesome fun!

Join us for a fun-filled afternoon for all ages.


Storytime Interview: Miss Abby

August is storytime break month at the Arlington Public Library, but don't worry, Storytimes will start back up in September!

While you paitiently wait for Storytimes to come back, we thought we would share with you why we love storytime so much and why we do what we do.

Who better to start with than our fearless leader herself; Abby Dozier!


Watch our blog all month long for more of our storytime interviews!

You don't have to be at storytime to sing songs. Here is a great Dinosaur song to get your child moving:

“Dinosaur, Dinosaur”
Dinosaur, dinosaur, turn around
Dinosaur, dinosaur, touch the ground
Dinosaur, dinosaur, reach up high
Dinosaur, dinosaur, wink one eye
Dinosaur, dinosaur, touch your nose
Dinosaur, dinosaur, touch your toes
Dinosaur, dinosaur, slap your knees
Dinosaur, dinosaur, sit down please




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Summer Reading Club Final Celebration

We can hardly believe that Summer Reading Club is over! Now that the books have been read and the logs submitted, we want to celebrate!

Everyone is invited to our Final Celebration on Sunday, August 9, from 2 - 4 p.m. at Globe Life Park.The whole family is welcome to attend this free event in celebration of all our Summer Reading Club participants. We are so excited to announce that we will be in the Kid Zone this year, an indoor play space where children can jump, climb, and play to their hearts content! Our littlest participants will find plenty to enjoy in the Kids Corral, where we will have a baby play space, sensory activities, and coloring. Older children can take a turn on the gaming stations or get crafty with a SuperARTistic project. For those who enjoy music, percussionist Jerome Bailey will be on-site with his drums, and Superhero Zumba will take place on the patio for those who want to sing and dance!

And don't worry parents, we have a space for you, too! The Hyundai Club will be open for our adult Summer Reading Club celebration, so be sure to stop in to enjoy a stunning view of the ballpark! To top it off, we have some great door prizes, so be sure to join us!

Parking is free, and you can find us at the Center Field entrance. See you at the ballpark!:

Globe Life Park

1000 Ballpark Way
Arlington, TX 76011
Entrance at Center Field 


4 Ways Interstellar Cinderella is the best Cinderella

Interstellar Cinderella by Deborah Underwood

This book has everything that the traditional Cinderella has: two lazy stepsisters, one conniving stepmother, a fairy godmother (or godrobot), and plenty of chores. And just like in the movie she has her own mouse friend that helps her. What makes this version of Cinderella so different is not even the space and science fiction setting, it is what Cinderalla hopes and dreams for.

1. Cinderella wants to fix rockets

Interstellar Cinderella is tasked with fixing dishwashers and "zoombrooms" by her stepmother, but at night she studies mechanical engineering... or in kid speak, ship repair. STEM is one of the most important things being promoted in schools, and it is nice to see kids wanting to enter the field in a fairy tale that typically has very defined roles about what they should do when they grow up. There are even fairy tale STEM activities that can be found online, perfect for that child that wants to be a princess AND a scientist or engineer.

2. She builds her own "pumpkin coach"

When Cinderella gets stranded on a planet after her stepmother said she couldn't go to the space parade, her fairy godrobot appears after Murgatroyd the mouse sends out an SOS. The fairy godrobot gives her a new spacesuit and a "power gem" to fuel her ship and gives Cinderella the confidence and the security to fix her own rocket before she is able to leave. Leadership skills are some of the most valuable skills we can help give children.

3. The princess saves the prince

When Cinderella finally arrives at the space parade, she notices one of the ship's burning. It's the prince's ship! So instead of dancing mysteriously and running away, the prince gets to see how skilled Cinderella is in fixing space ships.

4. Marriage is not the end goal

When the prince arrives and uncover's Interstellar Cinderella's identity, he of course asks her to marry him. She does think about it but eventually lets him know that she is too young to marry. She offers a comprimise--she agrees to be his chief mechanic! Romance is allowed to blossom naturally, and the fairy tale ends with Cinderella getting to work on a fleet of ships, which was actually the happy ending she had wanted all along.

With bright and colorful pictures, fun rhymes, and an excellent message for kids, this book is near perfect!

One Last Chance - July 31 is the last day to pick up prizes!

Yes, that's right. Another successful year of Summer Reading Club is drawing to an end. The time has come. Stories were read. Talents, discovered.  Heroes across the city of Arlington were recognized. Even in the sweltering heat, our days were full of music, dancing, laughter, and...more books than even The Hulk can carry.

What achievments did you or your family make this season? Did you learn new songs in storytime? Did your little one take her first steps? Say his first word? Read a first sentence without stumbling? Every week I have the privilege of working in the children's area at Southeast Branch. While there, I get to meet all sorts of wonderful patrons from Arlington. Many are children who pair up with tutors to work on their reading skills. This entire summer, those tutors patiently guided their students through the challenges of the written word. Once someone learns to read a word, it is theirs forever. And it happened every day this summer among the bookshelves at your local library.

Thank you for giving such a gift to your children. Thank you for reading to them, and taking them to our storytimes and events. We will be taking a short break in August, but keep a lookout on this blog for some snappy, behind-the-scenes videos of our Early Learning staff. When September hits, WATCH OUT! We have some incredible programs in store for you. But first, don't forget to celebrate all your hard work at Globe Life Park.  August 9, 2015,  2-4 p.m.

Storytime update with Albert the mouse

Goodbye, Goodbye See You Soon (Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star)

Goodbye Goodbye see you soon (wave hands)
But not until we sing this tune (point to mouth)
We must part and we must go (turn one hand over on "part"; then the other on "go)
But we'll be back to say Hello (big, exaggerated wave)
See you later alligator, (Shout) (Form arms to make gator's mouth)
After while crocodile!

Books to help with your kid’s wiggles

It’s too hot to go out, but your kids still need a way to channel their boundless energy. So try out these books that your little ones will not just listen to, but can hop, wiggle, sway and stretch to as well!

Dancing in my bones by Sylvia Andrews
In this fun book, kids shake and sway different parts of their bodies from their feet to their shoulders.

Toddler two-step by Kathi Appelt
Dance along with this book.

From head to toe by Eric Carle
Kids can pretend to be various animals by doing their movements.

Wiggle by Doreen Cronin
This book describes the many ways to wiggle.  You should also read the companion books, Bounce and Stretch 

The bouncing, dancing, galloping ABC by Charlotte Doyle
Presents an ABC of action words starring energetic children who climb, hop, and zoom their way through the alphabet.

Scoot! by Cathryn Falwell
Six silent turtles sit still as stones on a log, as energetic movement by the other animals in the pond happens all around them.

Nose to toes, you are yummy! by Tim Harrington
"An interactive picture book that encourages readers to sing and dance to celebrate every body part."

Is everyone ready for fun? by Jan Thomas
Chicken's cow visitors try to jump, dance, and wiggle on his couch, which is much too tiny for such exuberant activities.

Hop, hop, jump! by Lauren Thompson
This book encourages readers to wiggle and twist, stomp and zig-zag, and hug and shrug.

Off we go! by Jan Yolen
Tip-toe with the mouse and other woodland animals as they make their way to grandma’s house.


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The Importance of Songs and Rhymes

The Arlington Public Library's vision is:

"To be our community’s best and most sought after resource for information, learning, and discovery."

We strive to be the best by offering the most suitable resources, materials and techniques in order to support this vision. 

Our Early Learning team seeks the most valuable techniques, promoting early literacy, to use during storytimes and also to share with parents to practice at home.

When you think of storytime, reading books and storytelling are the first things that come to mind. So, have you ever wondered why we do so many songs and rhymes in addition to reading?

Music and rhymes are some of the best early learning techniques to use that are good for much more than entertainment. They actually play a major role in building basic literacy skills and concepts. They help children recognize specific sounds, learn a wider range of vocabulary, and enhance their comprehension skills.

I will be posting monthly with fun activites, songs, and crafts for specific nursery rhymes! Until then, here are a few books that I think will be great to get you and your kiddo started:

For more information on how songs and rhymes will benefit your little one, please enjoy the article below!

Songs and Rhymes as a Springboard to Literacy By Pam Schiller, Ph.D

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Pluto: our former planet

Want to teach your kids about Pluto? Share with your kids the same way you would share with your Facebook friends. Head on over to NASA's website to take a look at the new photo's of Pluto together! Then check out some of the materials below. 

For older kids and adults

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Early Parenting Tips

Even as you anticipate the start of kindergarten together, take time to enjoy your child. Play together. Go places together. Read and talk together. In the process, you'll be encouraging their enthusiasm for learning and helping them get off to a great start!

I encourage parents not to worry if your child doesn't know all the letters, numbers, colors, shapes, etc. They will learn those in kindergarten. (Yes, it's good to talk with them about those things so they have the idea...but they certainly don't need to master them!)  Read to your child and talk about the stories. Talk with them about EVERYTHING they see and do. Vocabulary and previous knowledge is very important in developing comprehension and other skills. Yes, be sure they get enough sleep and a good breakfast. Get them ready for the experience of school !

Here are some activities you can do with your kids

  • Encourage active play, especially pretend play, with other children.
  • Read, read, and read to them every day. Talk about the words in books; ask them to predict what will happen in the stories and to make up stories of their own.
  • Provide pencils, markers, crayons, and blank paper for drawing and "writing."
  • Use everyday activities to point out words and numbers.

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