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Find an Accelerated Reader at the Library!

Accelerated Reader is a special program in which some schools participate. Students read specific books and take tests at their school for points. The best way to see if a book is on the school's AR List is to refer to the school's library website. By accessing that library's site, you should be able to refer to the list and see what books each school includes on their list.

Another way you can search for AR books is by typing in "Accelerated Reader" into the catalog. If you have a particular level, such as "accelerated reader ar lg 2.8 0.5", by typing that into the search box, the field will narrow. To translate, this search means that you are looking for an accelerated reader book for the lower grades, grade level 2.8 worth .5 points. However, this should be checked against the list available on each school's website as all books do not have available tests at all sites.

Affirming Books for Little Girls

Start Black History Month off right with this list of empowering books for African American girls. For a complete description of each of the books, check out For Harriet. They also have a list of 25 More Empowering Books for Black Girls.

2014-2015 Bluebonnets

I bet you didn't know that the new Bluebonnet titles are coming in for the 2014-2015 school year. You can check out the new titles and get ahead on your reading!

New Popular Kids Books

We have a list of books that are on order for kids. Here are some that people have already put holds on. What book are you anxiously waiting for?

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Books from the New Cart

Fresh from the new cart, these books are waiting for you to check them out!!

Weird, Mysterious and True

Title: Does it Really Take Seven Years to Digest Swallowed Gum?

Does It Really Take Seven Years to Digest Swallowed Gum?: And Other Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask by Sandy Donovan

Pretty much from the day I was born, my parents told me never to swallow gum for this reason. I basically stopped chewing gum altogether. Find out what the experts have to say about this and other common beliefs.


Title: The secret, mystifying, unusual history of magic by Patrice Sherman

The Secret, Mystifying, Unusual History of Magic by Patrice Sherman

If you have heard of Harry Houdini, you probably know that mystery and magic go together like peanutbutter and jelly. Now you can learn about the history of magic going as far back as ancient Egypt. Abracadabra!


Title: Crust & Spray: Gross Stuff in Your Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat

Crust & Spray: Gross Stuff in Your Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat by by C.S. Larsen

What is gross to you and me is good for the body! Read all about the crusties and nasties that keep us healthy and happy.


Title: Superdupers!: Really Funny Real Words

Superdupers!: Really Funny Real Words by Marvin Terban

Did you know that tutti-frutti is not just an ice cream flavor and fuzzy-wuzzy is not just a bee's-knees rhyme? This book takes over 100 crazy words and explains what they mean and how they came to be used.



Ripley's space: Believe It or Not

Ripley's space: Believe It or Not! by Mike Goldsmith

Stars, astronauts, planets, black holes, supernovas, space travel and aliens! Need I say more?

The Omnivore's Dilemma: The Secrets Behind What You Eat

The Omnivore's Dilemma: The Secrets Behind What You Eat by Micheal Pollan

This is a longer book with lots of information about the food we eat, adapted especially for young readers. Parents may want to read this one with their children since important issues are raised and we could all learn more about what we eat.


Chill: Discover the Cool (and Creative) Side of Your Fridge by Allan D. Peterkin

Is there anything to know about the refrigerator other than the fact that it keeps the soda cold? Absolutely! This book will show you how much fun your fridge can be!



Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle by Kathryn Walker

Boats and planes are believed to have vanished without a trace near the Bermuda Triangle. Now you can learn about this area of the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda, Miami, and Puerto Rico, one of the most mysterious locations in the world.


King George: What Was His Problem?

King George: What Was His Problem? Everything Your Schoolbooks Didn't Tell You about the American Revolution by Steve Sheinkin

This book is full of quotes, anecdotes and notes about the American Revolution. The author presents a great look at the real people who experienced one of the most important events in American history.

This is just a starter list. You can always find more in your local branch library!

Books from the New Cart

This week it's a board book bonanza!!

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Some Summer Reads for Reluctant Tween Boys

I just read an online article from Book Page’s Children’s Corner that had some recommendations for boys’ summer reading (ages 8-12.)  I checked the titles and we have them all, or they’ll be here shortly or they’re in-process.

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National Garden Month for Kids!

Every April communities, organizations, and individuals nationwide celebrate gardening during National Garden Month. Gardeners know, and research confirms, that nurturing plants is good for us: attitudes toward health and nutrition improve, kids perform better at school, and community spirit grows. Join the celebration and help to make America a greener, healthier, more livable place!

National Gardening Organization
Kids Gardening

Books to Browse

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