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First Grade Dropout

 What could you do that would be so embarrassing to make you never want to return to school again?

First Grade Dropout by Audrey Vernick is a must read.

This realistic fiction picture book captures the heart of the average elementary school student. The narrator is a likable everyday kid who makes a blooper but not without the witness, judge, and jury of his classmates.  They sentence him to desk slappin', foot stompin', finger pointin',  belly bellowin' laughter.  Instantly, he's shamed and convicted of crime he wished he had never committed especially in front of his friends.

What could go so terribly wrong that makes the author want to dropout, cast a spell, go back in a time machine, or change his identity? Every student, teacher and parent can relate to his blunder and his post-blunder feelings.  Read this book, laugh, and sympathize, but find out why this pupil almost became a First Grade Dropout.

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Great classroom read-aloud or parent pair and share book to discuss how to handle mistakes.

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Kinder Book Roundup: A Picture Book Guide to Kindergarten

Kickoff to Kindergarten with Arlington Public Library

Do you have a child going to kindergarten this fall? Kinder can be scary for both kids and their parents. To help families make the adjustment easier, many school districts try to host  "Kindergarten Roundups" or some type of pre-registration at elementary schools for children who will turn 5 years old on or before September 1.

The roundups give parents and children a chance to visit the school and learn about policies and the everyday routines for future students, usually in the spring before your little one enters kinder.  If you missed kindergarten roundup, no worries. Below are 20 random picture books of old and new that may help you and your child ease into the transition of kindergarten.

Join us for a special  Kindergarten Kickoff Storytime on Saturday, September 12 from 10:30-11:30 a.m. at the Southeast Branch Arlington Public Library. Bring a backpack!  Your child won't want to miss the Backpack Parade.

Kindergarten Book Roundup

20.  Countdown to kindergarten by McGhee, Alison, 1960-

19.  Kindergarten diaries  by Portis, Antoinette.

18.  Kindergarten countdown by Hays, Anna Jane.

17.  Mom, it's my first day of kindergarten! by Yum, Hyewon.

16.  Off to kindergarten by Johnston, Tony, 1942-

15.  My kindergarten  by Wells, Rosemary.

14.  Welcome to kindergarten  by Rockwell, Anne F.

13.  I'm telling you, Dex, kindergarten rocks!by Davis, Katie (Katie I.)

12.  Kindergarten cat  by Lewis, J. Patrick.

11.  Polka-dot fixes kindergarten  by Urdahl, Catherine.

10.  Kindergarten, here I come! by Steinberg, David, 1962-

9.    Eliza's kindergarten pet  by McGinty, Alice B.

8.    The last day of kindergarten by Loewen, Nancy, 1964-

7.    Planet Kindergarten  by Ganz-Schmitt, Sue.

6.    Kindergarten luck  by Borden, Louise.

5.    The night before kindergarten by Wing, Natasha.

4.    The twelve days of kindergarten : a counting book  by Rose, Deborah Lee

3.    The day my mom came to kindergarten  by Fergus, Maureen.

2.    Miss Bindergarten gets ready for kindergarten by Slate, Joseph.

1.    Ready for kindergarten, Stinky Face? by McCourt, Lisa.


Books to Read with Dad!

Hello everyone!

Father's Day is this Sunday! What a perfect opportunity to spend time with and celebrate your father, gradfather, uncle, and other father figures.

Here is a list of some fun books to read with your Dad and other male role models:

I hope you are all having fun reading for Summer Reading Club!

If you read any of these books with your family, remember to write them down on your reading log!

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2015-2016 Bluebonnets

I bet you didn't know that the new Bluebonnet titles are coming in for the 2015-2016 school year. You can check out the new titles and get ahead on your reading!

Tired of Frozen?

If your children are obsessed with Frozen and you are ready for something different, here are some alternatives!


(gif from

Let it go and watch these movies with your children instead:


Just like Frozen, these movies include adventure, friendship, and of course snow!


Do you want to build a snowman?

It might not be very cold outside, but children still love to imagine building their own frosty friend. Pick up one of these great books about snowman to entertain their imagination.

The cold never bothered me anyway

It is definitly not cold enough for snow, but children will enjoy any one of these snow-themed sensory play bins.They are easy to make and a great way to work on learning the five senses.

The Snow Queen

Did you know that Frozen is based off the fairy tale The Snow Queen? Here are some other stories about snow royalty.


Ideas to Celebrate MLK Day

There are a lot of ways that you can celebrate MLK Day with your family this weekend! Don't miss this opportunity to talk to your children about Martin Luther King, Jr. and his role in our history.

One way to celebrate MLK day is to have a birthday party for Dr. King. Make a cake together and decorate it, but instead of making a birthday wish, talk about your dreams and what Dr. King's dreams were. Another extension of this is to talk about injustice in your community and what your family can do to make life better for the people around you. It's ok to start small, like donating food or sending encouraging notes to your neighbors.

Over the weekend, take some time to read with your kids about the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. These books and DVDs will help you learn more about his work, family, and beliefs.

For a list of family activities to celebrate MLK day in Arlington,visit

Whatever you choose to do, let's celebrate the legacy of this amazing man!

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Bethany's Top 5 of 2014

Here is the SHORT list of my favorite books of 2014:

1. West of the Moon by Margi Preus

West of the Moon is my vote for this year's Newbery or Printz award. It is one of those novels that falls between the children's and young adult age ranges, and it is a refrshingly unique, enchanting tale about a Norwegian girl named Astri. 

2. Absolutely Almost by Lisa Graff

I loved this book. Albie struggles socially and academically, always feeling "almost" good enough. Many young readers will relate to Albie, and his story is an excellent addition to the ever-growing multicultural genre. If you enjoyed R.J. Palacio's Wonder, this is a must-read for you.

3. The Book with No Pictures by B.J. Novak

I know, I know, everyone loves this book, but I still claim it as a favorite. Novak knows how to make kids laugh, and that makes this book VERY fun to read aloud!

4. Tap to Play by Salina Yoon

Building on the interactive book trend of the last few years, Tap to Play is inventive and creative. It engages children in a variety of ways and links the mental act of reading to the physical book. It's a great choice for young pre-readers. 

5. Once Upon an Alphabet: Short Stories for All the Letters by Oliver Jeffers

Oh, Oliver Jeffers, you've done it again! Admittedly, I am going to love anything by Jeffers, but Once Upon an Alphabet truly is a remarkable accomplishment. This is my vote for the Caldecott this year.

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November is Picture Book Month

When I first heard that November is Picture Book month, I felt overwhelmed with joy. Picture books are my favorite type of books and I get swept up in the wonderful tales of friendship, family life, bedtime adventures, and hundreds of other topics. Then the artwork and image styles take me away to another place, whether the illustrations are boldly colored blocks or muted line drawings. I also like that picture books help readers experience life in a fun way, and the combination of books and art add to the special place these books have within the library. I feel privileged to have the chance to share these stories with children in storytime every week. It is an amazing experience to enjoy these tales with descriptive words and charming pictures that work together perfectly.

Here are just a few of the picture books that I love for their sweet, funny, or enduring stories:

Two Hands to Love You by Diane Adams
Illustrations and simple rhyming text show how the guiding hands of a family are always there to love and nurture a child.

Full, Full, Full of Love by Trish Cooke
For young Jay Jay, Sunday dinner at Gran's house is full of hugs and kisses, tasty dishes, all kinds of fishes, happy faces, and love.

Lunch by Denise Fleming
A very hungry mouse eats a large lunch comprised of colorful foods.

The Birthday Box : Happy Birthday to me! by Leslie Patricelli
An imaginative young child has a wonderful time playing with his birthday present and the box it came in.

Fox makes Friends by Adam Relf
Fox is bored, so he decides to make a friend out of twigs and an apple, but it doesn't quite work out as he had planned.

Here are what a few children's writers think about picture books. What is your favorite?

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Summer Reading Club -Texas Rangers Style

Take Me Out to the Ball Game....

Hit a homerun and read these baseball books during our summer reading frenzy!!



Tuesday, June 10, Catcher Geovany Soto kicked off the Texas Rangers Summer Reading Club tour at the Arlington Public Library. He led a bi-lingual storytime with the reading of Alex Rodriguez's ¡Jonron! (Out of the Ballpark!) to a small group. 

 If you weren't there, you missed a treat!

Click on the links below to learn more about this event:

Dallas News - Geovany Soto

Star-Telegram - Geovany Soto


Read books and earn incentives.  Sign-up at

Experience more free family programming all summer long!!

Visit Summer Reading Club - HotSpots!! 


Super Sizzling Titles for Summer Reading

FiZZ! BoOm! ReAd!

Today is the official start of My Summer Reading Club.

How It Works for Kids, Ages 5-12

  • Register at or pick up a reading log at the library.
  • Read whatever you wish.
  • Read! Audios and eBooks count too!
  • After you have read 20 minutes, check off a box. (Alternately on, you can record your time)
  • Once you have checked off all 15 boxes, you've completed your first 5 hours.
  • Turn in the completed print log (or show your library card to the staff member if you used the online system) for your prize pack at your nearest library.
  • The prize pack includes a T-shirt, book, certificate, swim pass and a Rangers ticket.
  • Continue reading...every additional 5 hours logged will earn you a chance to win gift cards and other amazing prizes.

Here are some recommended reads to get you started.
Happy Reading!


American Library Association

ALSC Summer Reading Book Lists

Grades K-2

Grades 3-5

Grades 6-8