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Amazing Storyteller at Black History Festival

I am extremely excited that the Griot (gree-o) storyteller Melody Bell will be performing at the library’s upcoming Black History Festival.  I have seen her several times and just love how she brings stories alive with dance, music, and poetry.  Ms. Bell’s storytelling is always dramatic and energetic, especially when she gives the whole audience a chance to play drums and other traditional instruments along with her. I can not wait to join in at this amazing storytelling session that afternoon at 3:30pm!  I hope to see your whole family there.

Ms. Bell is only one of the wonderful presenters at the event.  Celebrate African-American history and culture with a variety of featured exhibits, music and dance performances, lectures, film, kids’ crafts and more. This family festival will take place at the Central Library on Saturday, February 22, from 12 – 5p.m. 

Please visit the library’s Black History Month Festivalpage to see the current schedule and list of activities.

Affirming Books for Little Girls

Start Black History Month off right with this list of empowering books for African American girls. For a complete description of each of the books, check out For Harriet. They also have a list of 25 More Empowering Books for Black Girls.

Friends at the Country Day School

Another visit to a school for me! An community engagement at the Country Day School of Arlington, a Montessori school, where I visit pre-kindergarten and kindergartners. This month our theme was friends. We read stories about how we treat our friends and how important friends are. I have listed some of the books!  Happy Reading.



Thanksgiving Fun!

Here are a few Thanksgiving jokes to share with your family this weekend after Thanksgiving.

Q:  What was the Pilgrims' favorite music?

A:  Plymouth Rock!

Q:  What's the best way to eat turkey on Thanksgiving?

A:  Gobble it.

Q:  What did the turkey say when the Pilgrim grabbed him by the tail feathers?

A:  That's the end of me!

Q:  What is the best thing to put into a pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving?

A:  Your teeth!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family!

Monster Mash!

New books about monsters.  Monsters aren't always scary!


Back to School Books

Find out what happens when these kids go back to school!

Younger children

Older children

Chapter books

Children's Books with Hispanic Characters

Have you ever "borrowed" something for just a second and then lost it? The pictures in Too Many Tamales show Maria being all grown up and helping her mom make tamales. Any person that has made dough understands why Maria's mom took off her wedding ring. And every person that has wanted to play dress up and be a grown up will connect with Maria on her journey to find her mother's ring after she loses it.

According to the Pew Hispanic Center, 24% of all students in public schools are Hispanic. Kids need characters like Maria to relate to. And our library has plenty of books that show the diversity of Arlington and the United States. And of course we have Dora the Explorer who teaches so many little ones. ¡Vamanos!


More Picture Books With Hispanic Characters