Mysteries for Kids

1st-2nd Grade

When ghosts start haunting Jigsaw's classmates right around Halloween, there's a new ghost-buster in town, Bobby Solofsky, who is stealing Jigsaw's clients.

Young Cam Jansen and the knock, knock mystery
By David A. Adler

Eric's Grandma Minnie and Grandpa Max keep hearing someone knock at their door, night and day, but find no one there, so Cam tries to solve the mystery using her amazing memory.

Soccer on Sunday
By Mary Pope Osborne

Jack and Annie search for the fourth secret of greatness for Merlin the Magician in Mexico City at the 1970 World Cup Games. They hope to learn something new from soccer player great Pele.

3rd-4th Grade

The thirteenth mystery
By Michael Dahl

Abracadabra, owner of the Abracadabra Hotel, has disappeared, and Charlie Hitchcock and Tyler Yu team up again to solve the mystery of the hidden thirteenth floor and try to foil a theft that could cost the hotel millions.

Nancy Clancy: secret of the silver key
By Jane O'Connor

When Nancy finds an old desk at a tag sale, she soon finds out that someone left behind a key. Nancy and Bree set out to unlock the secret of the silver key in the hopes of finding some treasure along the way.

Timmy Failure: now look what you've done
By Stephan Pastis
Timmy Failure, founder, president, and CEO of the greatest detective agency in town, perhaps the nation, is about to crack the biggest case of his generation: a school competition to find a stolen globe.


5th-6th Grade

By Stuart Gibbs

Twelve-year-old Teddy Fitzroy is the prime suspect when FunJungle's newly-acquired koala goes missing, thanks to a prank staged by middle school bully Vance Jessup.

Three Bird Summer
By Sara St. Antoine

Anticipating a quiet summer at his grandmother's lake cabin when his family makes different plans, Adam befriends girl-next-door Alice, who proves to have a sense of humor and adventure when she accompanies him on a treasure hunt.

File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents
By Lemony Snicket

Called upon to investigate thirteen suspicious incidents in Stain'd-by-the-Sea, young Lemony Snicket collects clues, questions witnesses, and cracks every case.