Mysteries for Kids

1st-2nd Grade

Detective dog
By Jamie White

Martha the talking dog volunteers to help patrol the streets as a K-9 officer, and she must convince her partner Officer O'Reilly something is fishy when she suspects food is being smuggled into Wagstaff City.

Young Cam Jansen and the goldfish mystery
By David A. Adler

Cam Jansen must use her photographic memory to find two missing goldfish

High time for heroes
By Mary Pope Osborne

Jack and Annie are magically transported to mid-1800's Thebes where they are saved from a dangerous accident by Florence Nightingale.

3rd-4th Grade

The return of Abracadabra
By Michael Dahl

Charlie Hitchcock and Tyler Yu investigate mysterious happenings at the Abracadabra, a hotel for retired magicians.

The lost treasure of Tuckernuck
By Emily Fairlie

Sixth graders Laurie and Bud attempt to solve an eighty-year-old mystery at their historic school before the building is torn down to make way for a MegaMart.

A Nose for trouble
By Kate Finch

Meg and Charlie have lots of different pets to watch, but when a retired police beagle named Watson comes to stay, he sniffs out all sorts of trouble.

5th-6th Grade

The strangers
By Jacqueline West

When something crucial goes missing, eleven-year-old Olive and her friends must decide how to get it back--put their faith in a strange and dangerous magic, their odd new neighbors, or someone more uncertain and terrifying than both.

Neil Flambé and the Tokyo treasure
By Kevin Sylvester

Celebrity teenaged chef Neil Flambé heads to Japan to solve his next mystery when news arrives that his cousin Larry, a manga comic book writer visiting Tokyo, has died in a boating accident.

The Watcher in the shadows
By Chris Moriarty

In early twentieth-century New York, as thirteen-year-old Sacha Kessler, the Inquisitor's apprentice, faces enemies old and new that threaten him and his family, he changes his mind about learning magic.