The Ninja Reviews...Little Blog on the Prairie by Cathleen Davitt Bell

Genevieve Welsh has a summer planned chock full of soccer and friends until her mother ruins it with the announcement that they are spending the summer in Wyoming at Frontier Camp. For two months, Gen’s family will live like pioneers—planting crops, milking cows and dressing circa 1890. For two months, there will be NO television, video games, texting or Facebook (Oh, the Humanity!). Angry about having her plans changed and upset for having to go without her creature comforts; Gen sneaks her cell phone into her family’s log cabin so she can communicate with her friends back home. Gen begins to regale her friends with stories of life on “Little Hell on the Prairie”—having to share a bed with her brother, being taunted by Nora-know-it-all, and hanging out with Cutie-Pie Caleb from the settlement next door. OK so maybe it is not ALL bad. In fact, Gen actually begins to reconnect with her family and discover that there are definite advantages to a simpler life. However, everything may come crashing down when Gen’s friends post her texts to a blog and suddenly EVERYONE knows all about what she did over her summer vacation.

Ok, Ok. I admit it. Little House on the Prairie is my dirty little secret. I LOVED this show growing up and never missed an episode. I can still see Half-Pint, Mary and Carrie frolicking down the hill with Jack. And I especially loved hating Nellie. So, I was very excited when I saw this book listed on the 2011 Lone Star Reading List and I snagged it as soon as possible. I was not disappointed. Seeing the pioneer way of life through the eyes of modern teens was especially humorous and enlightening. I actually laughed aloud while reading this book. So if you are looking for a lighthearted and fun read, check out Little Blog on the Prairie. This is Cathleen Davitt Bell’s second YA novel.

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