Announcing an Exciting Partnership with UTA!

February 22, 2012

Attention UTA students!
Thanks to the LibraryLiNK partnership between the City of Arlington and UTA, students who are not be Arlington residents can obtain an Arlington Public Library card for free!

If you live on-campus or outside of Arlington, visit the Customer Service Desk at the UTA Central Library to be issued a LibraryLiNK card (generally you will be issued a Texshare card for use at other area libraries as well. APL does not participate in the Texshare card program, so your LibraryLiNK card is needed to obtain services at APL).

UTA Students can:

Attention Arlington Public Library Cardholders!
Thanks to the partnership between the City of Arlington and UTA, Arlington Public Library cardholders may check out materials from the University of Texas at Arlington Library for free!

First get a LibraryLiNK card from one of our customer service desks. Your APL account must be in good standing: no overdue materials or outstanding charges exceeding $10.00.

Then take both your Arlington Public Library card and your LibraryLiNK card to the UTA Central Library Circulation Desk to be issued a UTA Guest Borrower card.

Guest Borrowers can:

  • Have up to 5 items checked out at one time
  • Check out books for 21 days
  • Check out some special materials
  • Renew materials 2 times for 21 days each time, unless an item has been recalled for another user
  • Renew materials by telephone, fax, email or at any of the Library’s Circulation Service Desks
  • Access the UTA Library's online databases on campus. To obtain computer privileges there, please visit the Welcome Desk at the Central Library to be issued a guest password. These passwords are good for 2 hours of use.

Guest Borrowers cannot:

  • Check out current or bound periodicals
  • Use the UTA Library's Interlibrary Loan Services
  • Access the UTA Library's online databases off campus


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