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Arlington Public Library runs adult literacy programs for the community. Adults can take classes to study for the GED, attend Conversation Circles to practice English, take formal English as a Second Language classes, and go back to the basics with learning to read. Recently, former GED students were contacted and asked how attending classes at the Literacy House (literally, a house where the adult education programs are held!) affected their personal and professional lives. Here are just a few of their stories.

"It makes a difference when children see the mom is educated."  -  Irene G.

Irene said she could not help her children with their homework before passing the GED and it was very frustrating. Now that she has passed, she says she feels very proud that she can both help her kids and encourage them to continue their education. Irene is also going to Tarrant County College and stated that without the help of the tutors in Arlington Reads, it would not have been possible for her to pass.

"I don’t think I could do it without their help." -  Lauren G.

Lauren is very grateful to the Arlington Reads GED Prep Program which helped her pass the GED. Lauren’s dream came true after passing the GED. She has a great job in Arlington and is working full time and getting much higher pay than her previous job! Lauren was able to reach her goals as a result of studying in the program.

“It changed my life.” Angel H.

Angel now has a full-time job working with CNC Machines after passing the GED. He reported he is making better wages as a result of this job. About the GED Prep program, Angel said, “Oh yeah! It changed my life!” Now, Angel wants to bring his wife to the Literacy House to study for the GED so she can change her life too!

GED for self-fulfillment - Margaret S.

Not all individuals studying for the GED want it for better employment. Some, like Margaret, have just always wanted to get the credential to prove to themselves that they can do it! Just a few days after Margaret passed the GED, she retired from work. She said that passing has given her the confidence that she can do something when she puts her mind to it. She appreciates the Arlington Reads GED Prep Program because they help individuals of all backgrounds and goals to study. 

If you'd like to learn more about how you can volunteer or donate to our adult literacy programs, such as the GED program, please visit

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New Nonfiction Releases April 1-13

Target Tokyo is historian James M. Scott's new book about the famous counterstrike against Tokyo following the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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New Fiction Releases April 1-13

In bestselling Scottoline's new stand alone thriller, a psychiatrist begins treating a troubled teen and bad things start to happen to everyone around him-including murder and kidnapping. Will someone really die Every Fifteen Minutes?

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Make Updating Your Resume a Yearly Priority

With the new year in full swing, now is a good time to update your resume. Even if there are no current plans to change jobs, it is always best to be prepared when opportunity knocks.   Reworking a resume after several years in a job can be overwhelming. Use this yearly exercise as a time to reflect on the year and focus on what accomplishments you made.This may mean only adding a sentence or two to your current position summary or it may mean restructuring the whole document. Check out this list of items to stay away from.  And remember if you are looking to pursue a new career, check out the library’s career advancement program

It can also be helpful to keep a current list of previous employer’s addresses and contact information. This is a great place to keep record of dates  worked or schools attended.  Gone are the days of simply faxing or emailing your resume with cover letter directly to the hiring manager. Most jobs currently require that an online job application which often means a lot of data entry. Having this handy list as reference can save a lot of time when completing the application. Consider saving this document on the cloud so it can be accessed anywhere you might need it.

So, along with changing the air conditioning filter and filing taxes, add updating resume to that spring cleaning to do list.

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Get Your Creative On!

The library now has Adobe Creative Suite! You can access software such as Photoshop and InDesign at a designated computer at East Branch to turn your photos into masterpieces, restore old photos to make them look new again, design layouts for print and tablets, and so much more.

If you don’t have the know-how already, the library has you covered! We also provide access to is a site that has video tutorials on all of Creative Suite (actually, video tutorials on a variety of topics ranging from business training to photography to web design. Check out this blog post to learn more about

To get started, all you need to do is go to the Customer Service Desk at East Branch and reserve a time on the designated computer. You can use your library card, or buy a guest pass for access to Adobe Creative Suite. However, you must have an active library card to access

Why is it on only one computer? Adobe Creative Suite was purchased with a grant provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, Impact grant, Workforce development.

The library’s goal for both Adobe Creative Suite and, is for the community to be able to refine their existing skills and also learn new skills, which can help in job-seeking as well as personal fulfillment.

We are excited to offer this software. Be sure to tell us if you have benefitted from either Adobe Creative Suite or!

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New Fiction Releases March 24-31

Since 2003, Steve Berry thrillers have sold 19 million copies, to readers in 51 countries and 40 languages. The Patriot Threat is out this week.

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New Nonfiction Releases March 24-31

You may know Trisha Yearwood as a country superstar-but she is also a bestselling author and Food Network star of her own cooking show-where she makes yummy southern favorites.

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New Nonfiction Releases March 17-23

Bestselling author Gretchen Rubin is back, hoping she can inspire you to turn some of your bad habits into good ones.

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New Fiction Releases March 17-23

Is she a murderer? Dana, the main character in Susan Crawford's new thriller The Pocket Wife, does not remember if she murdered her neighbor or not.

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March LibraryReads Picks

LibraryReads is a list of the ten books each month that library staff across the country are most excited to read. Some are new releases, some are coming soon, but they're all chosen by people who love reading. March's winners are shown below. Check one out or put one on hold to see what the buzz is about!