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My guiding principle is to build the Arlington Public Library's digital experiences with you and not just for you (whether our website, blogs, Facebook page, Twitter feed, live chat reference service, databases, eBooks, or downloadable media). Please join with us as we explore how to use these exciting new technologies to not just point to the library, but to actually be the library online.

One very practical way you can do that is to volunteer to answer some basic questions & complete some sample website tasks in our test lab to see what we can improve on. It will take only about an hour of your time and we will try to schedule around your availability.

Want to help? Please contact:

Mark Dellenbaugh, Library Services Manager for the Digital Experience
817-459-6795 or


2/9/2011 by Mark Dellenbaugh 2 Comments - Add a Comment Share this:
Topics: Databases


That is a good question! I am assuming you mean genres? We are currently working on beefing up our fiction resources so check back!
where can you browse categories? from what ive seen you cant

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