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Keeping it beachy...Don't you think?

Picture it:

Sunny and warm, chillin’ at the beach as you sip on your favorite drink while reading your favorite book and tanning your winter coat away.  But then, you realize that you have come to the end of your book. You don’t want to hit the waves, sleep on the sand just won’t cut it, and you're stuck wishing that you had gotten another book to read or bought that magazine with juicy gossip.


No worries!  Check out this new concept that will keep you reading at your local beach!

These Beach Libraries have become a wave of interactive art installations geared to expose beach goers to a set of new books they may have otherwise never thought to read.  These beach library projects are designed to hold popular books, the classics, thrillers, mysteries, romantic reading, and memoirs for people of all ages.  A beach library at the Hotel Kaliakra on the Black Sea in Bulgaria, was designed by a German architect named Herman Kompernas. He made these white shelves with special material that is resistant to the sun and wind, with vinyl covers that protects the books from the rain.  Other designers have converted cargo trailers into libraries that are mobile, as well as libraries that on sit on a pier versus the beach as a centralized location to pick up a good book.

Beachy idea, don’t you think?

Check out this website to see more awesome beach libraries:


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