2015 Official Teens' Top Ten Nominations Announced!

In case you missed it, the 2015 Teens' Top Ten nominees were announced on last Thursday, National Support Teen Literature Day.

Voting begins August 2015, so start reading and requesting!

Here are a few of the nominees:

For a complete list, click here.

My personal favorites are Unhinged and Love Letters to the Dead.

Don't forget, to check back with YALSA between August 15 and Teen Read Week at www.ala.org/yalsa/reads4teens in order to vote for your favories. The winners will be announced the week after Teen Read Week.

Which ones have you read and which one is next on your list? Comment below (with your preferred library location) and receive a free book!

Go Center Presents: Police Officer Wiliams, of the Dallas Police Department

Officer Williams from the Dallas Police Department, dedicated his time during this week to talk to our teens in Teen Zone. Teens were eager to know about who he is and what he does, and showed much interest through asking a variety of questions.

Officer Williams talked about his line of work during the night shift in comparison to how police officers are portrayed in movies like "21 Jump Street" or "Let's Be Cops". There are many stereotypes that he talked about, and wanted to make sure to express to our teens that not all police officers on duty are at the donut shop drinking a cup of coffee, but rather the importance of them being very physically active in order to do there job. His experiences have been from car chases to jumping fences in order to help stop a thief from escaping, which ended up leaving him with a serious injury.

Being an police offficer is not an easy job at all, from dealing with people who have terrible attitudes, to car chases, to being injured on the job while trying to stop a criminal. Yet, they find the time to mentor our youth about how it is rewarding knowing that they have done their job to save another life or prevent an accident. 

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