The JFK Experience

Teen's unmask an American legend and hero on the Sixth Floor Museum Field Trip, where they learn about the life and legacy of President John F. Kennedy.

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In Case You Missed It...The Manga Workshop with Kristen McGuire Wrap-Up

(Drawing done by one of the attendants of the workshop.)

On Saturday, July 11th we welcomed a large crowd of anime lovers, otakus, and artists of all styles for our manga workshop with the very special guest Kristen McGuire!

For those of you who don’t know, Kristen McGuire is an accomplished comic book artist who does manga (the Japanese word for comic book) style illustrations and comics. Some of her titles include: A Day in The Life of A Cat Girl, Enchanted, and her web comic Chibi Zombie Slayer, she also works as a voice actress for FUNimation with some of her most recent voice acting work as the English voice for the character Hinano Kurahashi from the hit comedy/action manga and anime series, Assassination Classroom, and Yuriko from the anime Mikagura School Suite.

We started off the program by having an informal Q&A section where teens could ask Kristen about her career, the early inspiration for her work, how to start getting your artwork out there and noticed by more people, what it's like voice acting, and how she gets in the zone to choose the voice that her character would have in English.


After the Q&A portion of the workshop was over, teens were able to free-draw on their own while Kristen when from table to table asking what areas in particular they needed help with or wanted to work on more. What we were most impressed with while checking out what people had already drawn, was that many that came out for the workshop were already very talented in their own creative drawing styles. (Are some of y’all interested in hosting a drawing workshop yourselves?!)


(Pictured above: Some more drawings created during the manga workshop)


The third part of the workshop had two teen volunteers (one girl and one boy) allow Kristen to use them for a demonstration on how to draw a face manga-style.

Finally, Kristen was sweet enough to bring in some lovely mini posters and bookmarks to give away to a few lucky winners of a drawing at the end of the workshop. There were also a couple of comic books, manga, and anime DVDs generously provided by the library and FUNimation that were up for grabs during the giveaway as well! 

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves a lot and learned some new tips to improve their drawing. Most importantly, everyone should feel a little more confident in showing off their artwork and will continue to draw for many years to come!

Written by: Amina D., YTC Intern

How to Draw Manga:

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