Ready for College? Ask the Go Center Mentors at Northeast Branch Library!

For the past 5 weeks, the Go Center at Northeast Branch Library, in Teen Zone, as been on a roll talking to students about different college options.  As college students themselves, it becomes a great opportunity for them to share their stories to our students in the Youth Technology Center. Stories about financial hardships, stories about tough decisions and careers options, and stories about the independence they have achieved as they become individuals who have goals, and responsibilities, despite the hardships college can relinquish.  The Go Center Mentors have been able to give our students an eye opening experience to what "College Life" is, the types of careers there are, and expose middle schools and high school students to potential colleges that focuses on their careers!

Along with the educational presentations the Go Center Mentors creates, they also have been able to obtain the trust of our teens through a verity of fun and exciting ice breakers.

We invite you to come by Teen Zone to meet our fantastic Mentors and to ask questions that may linger in mind about college. How will you pay for college? What college would best for you? What career are you most interested in? Can you change your mind about your career as you take up different courses that interest you? These are all valid questions that you can ask your Mentor and they will be happy to assist you in any way possible.

Parents have questions? They are welcomed too to come in and see what options there are to help you get into the college you really want to go to!

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Podcasting for Teens!

Podcasting is a great tool for teens and those that feel that their voices aren’t being heard, to stop waiting until someone gives them that chance and go out their to create their own media. But first, you must be thinking what’s a podcast?! 

Podcasting is a prerecorded audio program that can either be streamed online, or downloaded and sent to an mp3-enabled device. Podcasting allows for you to develop your writing, research, speech, and audio-editing skills all in one project!

The best part about podcasting is that you can make it about whatever you want, in fact, that’s the driving force behind many of the most popular podcasts today; the desire to not “fit in” and to create and deliver content to narrow groups of people and interests. Are you the otaku-iest otaku there is? Make a podcast reviewing and recapping your favorite anime and manga, interview others that are as passionate about Japanese culture as you are, and visit local anime conventions and interview guests and attendants on how they feel about the panels and what coming up in the world of anime.

Love bad movies (I do!), grab a group of friends, pop a few cans of soda and rip into the worst films you can find! Maybe you spend your days and nights playing Minecraft—no problem! Whip up a podcast, and companion YouTube channel reviewing your favorite mods and servers.

With all that said, here are my Top Three podcasts to give you some inspiration on what you could do with podcasting:

1.     Welcome to Nightvale

Imagine your everyday local radio news show done in a town that’s a cross between H.P. Lovecraft, Edger Allen Poe, and a Stephen King novel.

That’s Welcome to Nightvale! It’s an odd blend of the creepy and macabre, humor, and sleepy morning news that just works so well together! Visit iTunes and listen to the pilot episode!                                                 

**And Remember Do Not Approach The Dog Park!**

2.     Stuff You Should Know (By howstuffworks.com)

Have you ever been curious on the orgins of Play-Doh, sushi, tattoos, the Yakuya (Japanese mafia) or skateboarding? Then the 600+ episode podcast Stuff You Should Know, is right up your alley. Twice a week, tune-in and listen as hosts Charles Bryant and Josh Clark cover the history and application of the topic for that day.

Whether it’s finding out how the movie rating system works, to discussing the ethical implications of the death penalty, Charles and Josh will keep you entertained and informed during the whole ride.  

3.     Library of Games

  Based in the Chicago Public Library’s You Media teen space (think Chicago-style version of the Studio) this podcast is created, produced, and hosted by local teens with a passion for video games, gaming news and journalism, and an interest in podcasting, blogging, and video production.

It runs long, but if you really have a desire in gaming and want to look at other teens for inspiration on creating your own gaming content, look no further than Library of Games! Check out their website here. Teens also write and upload articles, reviews, YouTube videos, and designs for the blog!

During the month of October, the APL will be doing it’s own podcasting workshops, come on by and learn how to do a podcast of a different theme each week! We’ve switched some things around, but this week we’re doing an interview-based podcast. Next week, we will be creating music reviews! 

Written by Amina D., YTC Intern

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