Thursday, April 09, 2020

Gather your family and go for a nature walk.  Be sure to bring along a bag or basket to hold all your nature treasures.  You can walk around your neighborhood or even just around your yard.  Look for leaves, grasses, flowers, sticks, anything from plants.  See how many different colors and shapes you can find!  After you've enjoyed the outdoors for a while, take your treasures home and try one or all of these craftivity ideas! A craftivity is a craft AND an activity


  • Nature Treasures
  • White Printer Paper (or any paper really, but the thinner the better for the rubbings)
  • Crayons, pencils, colored pencils
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • String, yarn, cardboard tube, popsicle sticks


    • Lay all your nature treasures out so you can see them all.  Try and group colors and shapes together if you like.

    Now let your imagination engage!

    • Choose a few treasures and lay them on a piece of paper (the more textured the leaf/flower, the better) then place another piece of paper on top.  
    • Using a crayon, pencil, or colored pencil, gently color over the leaves to reveal the pattern of the leaf underneath.  Experiment with different colors and different writing materials.
      • What happens if you use the side of the crayon?  
      • What happens if you use several colors on one leaf?  
      • What happens if you press harder or softer with the crayon?  
      • Would a marker work?  

    Once you've tried all your ideas and have lots of rubbings, now you can create even more things.  

    • You could cut them all out and rearrange them to make pictures: a face, a house, a mandala, an abstract!  
    • You could punch a hole, tie a string and hang them up somewhere.  
    • You could string them together to make a garland.  
    • You can write a message on them and give them to someone in your family or hide them around your house for others to find.  
    • You could draw faces on them and glue them to a cardboard tube or popsicle stick to make puppets.  

    Lots of options, friends!  Be Creative!!