We're thrilled to announce our first-ever Artist Alley! Our Vendor Hall has been bursting at the seams for the past few conventions, and this year, we expanded our options with a separate Artist Alley. The Artist Alley will be open in the Palo Duro Lounge on the first floor from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Read below to see who'll be there, and make sure to visit during the convention!


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ArlingCon 2019 Artists

A-01 Lunaprincecreations A-24 PillowDS
A-02 At-A-Gril & Co. A-25 Tokidoki Dokidoki
A-03 Philgood Crafts A-26 Tiffanie Havenar Designs
A-04 MouiiSpace A-27 EpicMan Comic
A-05 Classy Octopus A-28 GangstaComics
A-06 Otaku Crafts A-29 LV.23 Studios
A-07 boooork. A-30 Brad W. Foster
A-08 Robisrael A-31 Adam Conklin
A-09 Ashley Villers A-32 The Art of Eliamaria Madrid Crawford
A-10 Holographic LuLu A-33 Nerdstruck
A-11 Punny plushies A-34 MildKat
A-12 Lantana Studios A-35 chomoji
A-13 Lesly's Plushes A-36 Pikman
A-14 Rinne Kanzaki A-37 Geeked Out Colors
A-15 Octoking Studios A-38 Mimms Monkey Room Studio
A-16 Chrislea A-39 BDG Studios
A-17 Cici's Art & Stuff A-40 Laughing Coyote
A-18 AshHavynn A-41 Princecurryy
A-19 Rii's Creations A-42 Treno Nights
A-20 Shonuff Studio A-43 ToriKat Studios
A-21 Galactic Dust Bunnies    
A-22 geesuuz    
A-23 Bryan Kelly Illustrations    




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Additionally, all state laws and local ordinances regarding public behavior shall apply.

Questions or concerns? Send us an email at arlingcon@arlingtontx.gov.


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