Contest Rules:

  • Participants must have constructed at least 50% of their competition entry. Advanced participants must have constructed at least 75% of their costumes.
  • Entries will be assigned a pre-judging time slot and must be present and in the competing cosplay promptly at that time. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  • Entries will be judged on overall appearance, detail work, and stage presentation.
  • All ArlingCon costume guidelines still apply.
  • Nothing is to be left on the stage. Any props or accessories must exit the stage with you.
  • One foot must remain on the stage at all times; no flips, tumbling, etc.
  • No costume or prop may generate odor, smoke, or fog. If you wish to use such a device on stage for the cosplay contest, contact staff in advance for approval.
  • Please remember this is a family-friendly event.
  • All contestants are expected to behave with sportsmanship conduct.


  • Beginner: For contestants new to cosplay, and have less than 1 year of experience entering contests.  
  • Intermediate: For cosplayers who have more than 1 year of experience in competing in contests, but have not won a major award at a contest with pre-judging outside of a beginner category. Judges awards are ok.
  • Advanced: For more experienced cosplayers and crafters. Contestants in this category often have multiple years of entering contests and have won a major award in a contest with pre-judging.