Arlington Library Support Organizations

The Arlington Public Library has many organizations that support us in our mission.

The Library Advisory Board is the City appointed board for the Arlington Public Library, board members are appointed by City Council and the Mayor.

The Friends and Foundation of the Arlington Public Library is a 501(c)3 nonprofit membership organization that advocates and raises funds for the Arlington Public Library system.

The Youth Library Ambassadors serve a two-fold purpose. They help influence the programs we plan for teens and promote services of the Arlington Public Library to their peers.

The following tabs goes into more information about each of these organizations.

About the Library Advisory Board

The Arlington Texas Public Library Advisory Board exists for the purpose of providing the City Council and the Library Director with the advice of a panel of citizens who are both well informed as a group about the Library and who also, as individuals, represent diverse areas of experience and concern, providing a spectrum of insights by which community needs and desires, as they relate to library resources and services, can be interpreted.

Board Members

Board Members

Lisa Thompson, Council Place 1. Appointed August 2018 and serving until term expires in June 2022.

Ginger Baker, Council Place 2. Appointed August 2018 and serving until June 2022.

Jabranica Stroba, Council Place 3. Appointed August 2021 and serving until term expires in June 2023.

Lu Anne Eichhorn, Council Place 4. Appointed August 2021 and serving until term expires in June 2023.

Devin Dowling, Council Place 5. Appointed July 2021 and serving until term expires in June 2023.

Sherry L. Woods, Council Place 6. Appointed June 2020 and serving until term expires in June 2022.

Catherine Serna-Horn, Council Place 7. Appointed June 2020 and serving until term expires in June 2022.

Shirley Adams, Council Place 8. Appointed January 2022 and serving until term expires in June 2023.

Zoe Wilkerson, Council Place 9. Appointed August 2021 and serving until term expires in June 2023.

Audrey Waggener, Youth Representative, Council Place 10. Appointed August 2021 and serving until term expires in June 2023.

Meeting Schedule

Board meetings are usually held on the 4th Thursday of the month, 5:30 p.m., except July and August.  The location can vary – all agendas are posted 72 hours before the meeting and are located here

Contact Library Administration for details & to verify meeting times: 817-459-6903

Duties and Responsibilities

This Board serves in an advisory capacity to the Director of Libraries and the City Council concerning library services of the City. They also promote public interest and support for an effective library program in the community.

ARTICLE III – 2 (Amend Ord 04-039, 5/11/04)
The Board shall consist of ten (10) members. The Mayor and each City Council member shall nominate a member with confirmation by majority vote of the City Council in accordance with the City of Arlington Boards and Commissions Policy Statement. One of the ten (10) members will be a youth representative nominated by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council who is a junior or senior in high school and in good standing at the respective high school. The youth representative must maintain good standing with the respective high school. The members shall be residents of the City of Arlington. All members shall be voting members. In the event of a tie in votes on any motion, the motion shall be considered lost. The Board shall conduct its business under such rules and regulations as it may prescribe.

Guidelines for Conduct

The Arlington Public Library is a service department of the City of Arlington, receiving the major portion of its funding from city taxes and governed by the City Council under laws, policies and regulations adopted for its management. Board members shall respect and adhere to the City of Arlington governmental structure as outlined in the City’s charter, policies and procedures.

10 Ways to be an Active and Effective Board Member
  1.  Understand your official role as an advisory board member and of where the library fits into the City of Arlington.
  2. Attend all meetings and share your ideas and opinions—your voice speaks for our community!
  3. Visit the library often and share your experiences (good and bad!) with the Director. Visit all library facilities and be aware of the different needs they serve. 
  4. Click on ALL the various links on the Library’s website—you can learn a lot about our events and services by spending just 30 minutes on the website! Read the Library’s printed monthly calendar of events every month too.
  5. Participate in Adult Summer Reading Challenge (or sign your children or teens up for Summer Reading Challenge).
  6. Be a library advocate—know what’s going on at the federal, state and local level that impacts library funding and services. Give feedback to your elected officials on library issues.
  7. Be a literacy advocate—be aware of how the Arlington Public Library programs serve Arlington’s literacy needs and how literacy levels impact many of the social problems present in our city.
  8. Give of your time and resources—join the Friends and Foundation of the Arlington Public Library, contribute to their initiatives, volunteer to assist with FFAPL activities or volunteer at any library location. Encourage others to do the same.
  9. Tell friends, neighbors, and relatives about a service provided by the library and commitment to advocating for Library services and resources to the community.
  10. Attend Library functions and commit to promoting Library programs and events to the community.
About the FFAPL

FFAPL Members and Volunteers

Most libraries exist because of funding from public sources, but it is private funds that make the difference between “good” and “great” library systems. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, the Friends and Foundation of the Arlington Public Library provides a source of financial assistance to the Arlington Public Library through the solicitation of tax-deductible contributions from private sources. Our goal is to provide an outstanding library for the people of Arlington.

Upcoming Events

Visit our Fundraising Events page for more details on upcoming FFAPL events.

Become a Member

Show your support of the Arlington Public Library by joining the Friends and Foundation. Memberships start at just $20. Benefits include The Bookcase newsletter, discounts and special Members Only admission at each book sale, and invitations to the Annual Meeting and Dinner. 

Click here for the online form to become a member.

Click here for the printable form


Gifts large and small, restricted and unrestricted are graciously accepted. Donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law and gifts provide tax benefits to donors while offering exciting growth opportunities for the Arlington Public Library System. Click to learn about your options for monetary donations: General Donation | Collection Materials | Summer Reading Club | North Texas Giving Day


Planned and Corporate Gifts

Planned Giving to FFAPL: Did you grow up with the Library? Do you use your local branch? If so, help ensure APL remains a vital civic asset for future generations.

Corporate Sponsorships: Support programs that serve some of Arlington’s most vulnerable groups.

Employee Matches: Match employees’ gifts.

Board Members

Current Board Members

  • Mike Becknal    
  • Terry Bertrand, Treasurer
  • Ruthie Brock     
  • Joe Ferrell       
  • Diane Gatzke
  • Cindy Goodyear, Membership Chair
  • Claudia Gray     
  • Nancy Hadaway, Events Chair
  • Candy Halliburton
  • Wayne Halliburton, Book Sale Chair
  • John Hibbs, Chair        
  • Carole Hoyer, Immediate Past Chair
  • Nikkie Hunter   
  • Martha Kinard
  • Heather Lowe
  • Jo McGovern    
  • Ben Parsons     
  • Dorothy Rencurrel
  • Lori Urso
  • Polly Walton, Vice Chair

The Friends of the Arlington Public Library began in 1987. The Arlington Public Library Foundation was established in 1993. The two nonprofit support organizations merged in October 2016 to form the Friends & Foundation of the Arlington Public Library.

Mailing Address
300 East South Street  #159
Arlington, TX 76004

Phone number:  817-330-9646

John Hibbs, Chair   


About the Library Youth Ambassadors

The Library Youth Ambassadors of Arlington Public Library began in Fall 2018 as a way for teens to provide input on library programs and services. This group is open to all teens who live or attend school in the City of Arlington. Teens are encouraged to register as approved City volunteers (link to volunteer page) so that they may receive volunteer hours from the library. However, they are not required to if they wish to participate in the group. All teens may use the hours they spend as part of community service hours for their schools.

Meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Members must attend at least one meeting a month to remain active members. Members who miss two months in a row will be removed from the group but are welcome to apply again the next semester. 

Applications for Library Youth Ambassadors open every August and December for new applicants and can be found on the calendar events for the Library Youth Ambassadors of the month. 

Currently, meetings are virtual through Zoom and invitations will be sent to all approved Library Youth Ambassadors.


Past Projects

  • Serving as a focus group for creating library programs aimed at teens.
  • Creating and planning programs for teens, such as during Teen Read Week, Summer Reading Challenge (SRC), and Teen Tech Week.
  • Putting together SRC prize packs for teens.
  • Suggesting new materials for the library collection.
  • Testing out potential virtual activities for teen programs.
  • Providing feedback on the teen space in the George W. Hawkes Downtown Library.
  • Doing service projects for the community, such as making cards for senior centers or children's hospitals.