Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Now that you know how to sew a button by hand, let’s build on that skill and learn more! You can learn to make a pencil bag of your own in a short amount of time. A pencil bag is an easy and useful craft you can make at home. If you don’t have a fabric stash, get creative and repurpose something you already have, such as old or outgrown clothing. 


  • Scissors 

  • Any fabric or felt 

  • Thread 

  • Needle 

  • Button 


  1. Cut out a piece of 10-inch fabric.  

  1. Keep the fabric right side up in front of you.

  1. Fold the fabric and join the left and right edges together as seen in the picture below. 

  1. Leave 3 inches of fabric at the top. This will serve to close the pencil case. 

  1. Sew the edges to create the enclosed pencil case.  

  1. Next, fold over the top portion and determine where the button-hole and button will be placed. 

  1. Cut an opening for the button and sew your button.  

  1. ENJOY your pencil case!