Teens in Arlington have the opportunity experience the library in teen spaces and activities. From Teen Zones to book clubs, Arlington is focusing on what are teens need and want. We are always looking for notable projects and ways that teens can get involvement, use the multipurpose spaces and areas for develop hands-on creation and become enthusiastic repeat patrons.

Teen at the labtop Teens Technology
We provide access to teens and help them use the technology safely, effectively and ethically.
Teen Spaces
At the Northeast Branch and the George W. Hawkes Downtown Library, we have specific events and program in an area that teens can come, explore and be themselves.
Teen Programs
We develop programs driven by teens’ needs and interests and designed to help them discover and seek their identity and skill sets, both personal and professional.
College and Career College & Career Resources
We provide resources to teens to help them get ready for the transition from high school to college, careers, and life, to the future of their choosing.