Special Needs Storytime

Born to Stand Out is a “choose your own adventure” type of storytime for all ages and abilities. A storytime with songs, movement, activities, and stories will be presented, including sensory friendly activities. Participants will have the freedom throughout the program to participate in storytime and explore the various sensory centers that focus on storytelling, play and more. In addition, we hope that this will be a good opportunity to learn from our special need community, as well as provide a fun and comfortable environment for parents of children with special needs to get together and share their experiences.


Sensory Augmented Programs

In ouTouch a Truckr signature children focused programming we have added different activities to recognize the need for patrons with sensory needs. This includes quiet hours for those with auditory needs, dimmed lights for those with visual needs and multi-interactive for those who need many activities to keep mentally stimulated. 

Accessibility Services

The Arlington Public Library is committed to providing an environment that supports the information needs of all members of the community. Information and building accessibility are important to us. Library staff will make a good faith effort to accommodate requests for assistance in accessing and making use of Library resources, materials, and services. Click here for more library resources.